Pain comes in breathtaking variations. There’s physical pain, maybe a bad back that sends daggers down your spine or the persistent ache of arthritis. Then there’s emotional pain, ranging from the loss of a loved one to crushing professional failures. Then there’s simple pain, like the fact that the cat keeps scratching litter all over the floor or that there’s nowhere good to eat lunch near your office (you can see the types of pain I have in my life). Big or small, there’s a lot of pain in this world. Businesses succeed when they understand their  sole purpose is to help heal some of that pain.

As a marketer, your goal is to find your customer’s pain. Heck, your customer might not even know they’re in pain. But if you’re doing your job properly, you’ll uncover that sucking chest wound they didn’t realize they had and then be there to slap a solution on like a Band-Aid.

It’s a dramatic metaphor, but remember, pain can be simple. The pain might be that they don’t like their bodies, so they buy a new suit of clothes that accentuates their best features.That pain might be that they can’t make widgets fast enough to keep up with demand and need your productivity consulting services to speed things up. Or that pain might be that a business is floundering and doesn’t know why, but you can uncover that they need your help with marketing, accounting, consulting, whatever.

Truly great marketing finds pain so subtly your target isn’t even aware of it. Prospects only know they need you to make their lives better. Without your widget, without your services, they can’t possibly continue on. So ask yourself, is your marketing finding real pain and making a compelling case for why you’re the only possible way to get that gnawing, unrelenting pain to stop. If not? Well, we might be able to solve some of that pain with a new marketing strategy. Give us a call.