Warm temperatures and open windows abound, and so does a wide range of content on the Roundpeg blog.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop by, here’s what you missed:

Saturday – Marketing Basics: People Pay for Benefits
Let’s face it, despite the fact that car companies talk about the 3.4 liter horizontally opposed 6-cylinder aluminum engine with a compression ratio of 12. 5: 1, that is not why people buy a Porsche 911.

How Do You Stay In Touch?
When Lorraine  started Roundpeg, she knew she needed to have organized way to manage my contacts, and a phone book didn’t seem very practical. She started with a series spread sheets and since she is a bit of geek, she built a contact list using Access.  It worked for a while, but eventually there were too many contacts to manage effectively.

Sunday – Compound Blog Interest
As a child, Lorraine learned how compound interest worked. Today she sees those same concepts at work as we build the Roundpeg blog

Monday – April Press Refresh: Design Trends
Some elements of good design are timeless: clean lines, white space and good typography to name a few.  This month’s review session looks at the classics as well as what is new in design.

Tuesday – It’s Your Business! Do You Know Where the Keys Are?
Many of the web design projects we do are simply updates or redesigns of existing sites. And each time we get one of those, we start with a few basic questions about passwords and log in information.  All too often the business owners don’t have this vital information.

Wednesday – Tips to Make QR Codes More Effective
We have studied QR codes for more than a year.  Are they still the hot new thing to last year’s news?   You decide

Thursday – Can’t Touch This Website
While we begin our design process with a standard theme, we make a series of changes to customize it for our clients.  And just like the homeowner who repaints one room, once you start changing elements, there is always something more to update.

Friday – What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
One of the things Allison loves about her  job is coaching clients. Whether it’s helping them wrap their head around social media or helping them generate ideas for blog posts, it’s fantastic when their eyes light up and all the pieces fall into place.