Do you ever step back and think about how much you’ve accomplished in the past seven days? Although I often think of Roundpeg as an oasis in the storm of my life at home with a husband, three teenagers and two big dogs, sometimes I am amazed at the craziness that ensues at Roundpeg in a “normal” week. Regardless, blogging is always a priority for us, so if you too have had a crazy week, this is your chance to catch up on our words of wisdom.

Saturday – I’m A Business Owner
Lorraine’s idea of the difference between being self employed and owning a business.

Social Media and the Contracting Industry
Lorraine shares slides she used during sales presentations this past week to HVAC contractors. These HVAC contractors realized that to survive, they need to market themselves differently.

Sunday – Online Tennis
Why is a  successful Twitter conversation is similar to a game of tennis?  Read more to find out.

Monday – Networking Hell
An introvert’s guide to successful networking.

eMail Opportunity – One Month Free Trial
While social media is all the rage, we’ve seen great results with well-written email campaigns. Here’s your chance for a free month-long Constant Contact trial.

Tuesday – What Happens When You Bring Your Date Home
Social media and a singles bar have much in common.    And just like real life, you need your house to be ready to bring your date home.

MTFW: Business From the Road
Listen to our conversation with Jon Anderson who closed his office and took it on the road.

Wednesday – Press Releases: Good and Bad
The do’s and don’ts of selling your story via press release.

Thursday – The Land of Misfit Fonts
Jenna explains her process of choosing fonts for both current and future projects.

Friday – Show A Little Leg
Your website shouldn’t include everything on your homepage; you want something that’s flattering and shows off your best assets.