Even thought Lorraine was on  the road most of this week, talking to contractors about social media, work continued at Roundpeg.   If you haven’t had a chance to stop by here is a summary of what you missed:

Saturday – Networking Like a Newbie When Peter started at Roundpeg, he’d never done any real networking before. See how Peter’s learning to integrate himself into the Indianapolis business community.

LinkedIn for Business Development Want to learn to use LinkedIn more effectively for business? Check out this free webinar, and you’ll be using LinkedIn like a prop in no time.

Sunday What Young Women Should Know Mentoring and education is one of our most cherished company values at Roundpeg, and that extends to helping the next generation of businesswomen. Lorraine was privileged to take part in a discussion at Butler University. Learn why you should taste everything and embrace failure.

MondayWhy You Need a Visual Content Strategy Text alone is not enough for your digital content strategy. You’ve got to start adding visual content to your mix. Learn how to do it with no muss, no fuss.

Tuesday – Marketing Basics: Position Statement Market position, what does it mean and how can it help me? A market position is the strategy that forms the bedrock of your marketing activities. Without a clear position statement, you’re just throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping something sticks. Learn how to implement your own position statement.

MTFW:  What Makes the Indy Social Community Tick:  In this week’s episode of More than a Few Words,  we talked with Duncan Alney, owner of Indianapolis social media company Firebelly.  Learn why face-to-face networking is still so critical in the age of social media, and what makes the Indianapolis social media community so special.

Wednesday – Why Ratings Matter In Thursday’s  guest post from Brian Deyo, we get a glimpse of how tightly entwined customer service and social media are.  Your customers want to talk to you and about you, so like it or not, ratings matter!

Thursday – Participation:  The 5th P Marketing as we know it has always been about the four Ps – product, place, price and promotion. But marketing is ever-evolving and changing, creating a new P: Participation. See how being socially active with your clients can boost your bottom line.

 Friday – Brands Must Change to Accommodate Consumer Behavior Friday’s guest post is by Katleen Richardson of the Marketing Advantage, we learn why it is harder then ever to keep up with consumer expectations.