Many of the web design projects we do are simply updates or redesigns of existing sites. And each time we get one of those, we start with a few basic questions:

Where is your domain name registered?
Where is the site hosted?
What are the passwords to access and change the site?

And I am frequently horrified when the client tells me they don’t know, because their “web designer” or “marketing company” has the information. The reason I am horrified is that they are at risk if something happens to that marketing company. I don’t wish anything bad to happen to any of my competitors, but the reality is, companies in our industry come and go. And sometimes when they go, their records go with them.

So if you are one of those business owners who has turned over complete control of your website, now is the time to get a little control back.

Ask your company to provide copies of all of your passwords for hosting, domain registration as well as any ancillary programs used to run your site.

Be sure you know where your domain is registered and when it expires. You may even want to consider having control of the domain name transferred back to you

It is your business, take control!

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