Roundpeg is proud to present a brand new website for Martin Insurance Group. This was a special one for me. For the first time, I modified almost everything about the WordPress theme. Like gutting and renovating a home, I left the fundamental structure alone, but took out all the old design elements and reworked them to create a wholly original look.

The website redesign project began with basic direction from the client. They wanted to look good on tablets and mobile devices and they wanted the website to reflect the company’s earnest, personal approach to customer service. We looked at a lot of theme designs and settled on one by StudioPress called Outreach. Lorraine liked the unique homepage layout, especially its wide-open, touch-friendly spaces for mobile web users. I was attracted to the design’s hand-made, tactile look.

I made a new background for the header to complement Martin’s logo. Then, something funny happened. It got out of hand. As in a home renovation, once you replace the sink, you realize the cabinets need work. And once the new cabinets are installed, you get inspired to do something about the kitchen floor. So it was with this project. Before I knew it, the whole website was re-skinned with time to spare. I expanded on the textile-inspired look from the default skin and offered the client their choice of a range of wood and fabric textured backgrounds. Good direction from Martin at the start let us work quickly and do something really cool, rather than agonize over endless drafts and presentations.

I’m really happy with this project, and so is the client. They love the website’s new look and the total control they have over the content inside.

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