The first quarter has come to a close.  How is your year going?  Are you on track to hit your year end goals or do you have some catching up to do?  Maybe what you need is some information or inspiration.

You can find both in the blog posts we shared this week:

Saturday  – NSI Goes Back to the Future Again
Several years ago Roundpeg worked with Nolan Security & Investigations (NSI) to develop their primary website.  It was time for a refresh.  Check out what we came up with.

Sunday – 1,911 Reasons to Visit
Numbers in the title of a blog post attract attention so today, we’ve got a big one: 1,911.

Monday – Is Your Business a Resource?
What do your clients think about you and your website?  Do they view you as a resource?

Tuesday – Remember Those New Year’s Resolutions?
This was going to be your year, remember? The year you got serious about social media, the year you updated your website, the year you wrote down a clear and cohesive marketing plan! Remember all those big dreams and good intentions you had back in January?

More than a Few Words About Pinterest
Lately it seems like everyone is talking about Pinterst.  While we have written a few blog posts on the topic, it is hard to scratch the surface in 400 words, so we will be offering several seminars in the coming weeks.

Wednesday – Resource Group Takes Back Its Website
A flashy website is really no website at all if you can’t control it.

Thursday – 8 Facebook Time Lines You Must See

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few weeks you probably know about the latest change to Facebook. This time the change allows brand pages to switch to the timeline layout, which many of their customers and fans are already using. These timelines are the same as the personal timelines in appearance, but the new layout provides some extra benefits for brands.  Here are some of our favorites.

Friday – Ten Calls Every Day: A Recipe for Success
As a cook, Lorraine was never very good at following recipes. Discover how she faces the challenges of using one to drive her sales calls.