A flashy website is really no website at all if you can’t control it. Indiana’s Community Catalyst Resource Group is an alliance of designers, architects, developers and other specialists. As their name suggests, they’re a resource for communities looking to make big changes to benefit their members.

Their old website was lovely but hard to maintain. Our proposal to them was a surprising one. While we recommended many subtle changes, the look and feel to the average visitor would remain mostly the same. What we did:

  • The site was built in WordPress, but the theme they had selected had a complex back end which made it extremely difficult to update. We made the switch to the Chameleon Theme by Elegant themes, which is as easy to use as it is pretty.
  • To improve SEO, we added keyword rich content to the home page which had featured only pictures.
  • We also upgraded their plugins including Yoast for SEO and JetPack for on site analytics.
  • There was no clear call to action on any of the pages. We added text to the home page, and a simple “call to action” on the sidebar.

With a simple change of theme, they now have the  ability to quickly and easily change their information and manage their public image.  So now the ball is in their court. They need to begin blogging and adding information about their new projects. When they do, the frame we have built will give them a platform to build on.

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