Great Scott, we have done it again.  Several years ago Roundpeg worked with Nolan Security & Investigations (NSI) to develop their primary website. As Superbowl XLVI approached, Nolan anticipated a huge hiring event and asked us for an auxiliary website to handle that traffic. Now that things have calmed down, we’re proud to announce a brand new website for Nolan that builds on those past successes and anticipates a promising future of intensive growth for NSI.

While the architecture from the old website was perfectly functional, its once-snazzy look was now outdated. Like  spying a Delorean on the highway, visiting the old website was like a blast to the past. Our work with NSI on the new website included developing complementary theme elements, refining the information organization, and preparing it to expand as the company grows. The rotating banner does a much better job of showcasing their images of security guards at work.

With a healthy working relationship and a history of past projects to draw on, this  web design project came together quickly. Some projects demand thirty-minute phone calls. With NSI, we enjoyed productive ten minute sessions which ended with specific action plans. Just one more example of great results achieved by working smart.

NSI BeforeAfter

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