The little white house had been too quiet with only one set of feline paws treading the floor. Though Clyde had happily adjusted to being the only “child” at Roundpeg once again, the rest of us were missing another furry presence. We always suspected we’d get another cat after we lost Maybee, but on Monday, it all came to a head with an impromptu visit to the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

There were so many beautiful cats in need of homes, and we fell in love again and again. The big gray adolescent who took an immediate shine to Jenna. The affectionate tabby who crawled into Peter’s arms and purred like a jet engine. The pearl gray Siamese who reminded me of my childhood cat. And Lorraine fell in love with darn near every cat she saw. “Can’t we take home two cats? Or three? Or four?” she asked.

We gently reminded her that we are still an office, and could only take one of the beautiful animals home with us. And it does take a special temperament to be a Roundpeg cat. You have to be laid back, good with chaos and lots of strange people, able to deal with large amounts of attention but also be independent enough to get through evenings alone. Of course, they’d also have to get along well with office mainstay Clyde and our part-time dog, Bonnie.


In the end, it came down to two animals. Tiffani, an affectionate eight-month-old who purred incessantly, and Magoo, a three-year-old boy who adored attention when it came his way but was also content just to chill with his corral mates. After agonized and impassioned debate, it was Magoo who found his way home with us.

But we couldn’t have a cat with a name as undignified as Magoo. So after extensive polling and a highly scientific tie breaker (we flipped a coin), we’re happy to introduce you to Truman. Named after author Truman Capote, Truman has already made himself right at home. He’s currently curled up in a chair in Lorraine’s office, peacefully sleeping. He’s anxious to be friends with Clyde, but she’s not so sure. And Truman himself isn’t so sure about Bonnie yet, but we have a feeling all the animals will be fast friends in no time.

Truman isn’t replacing Maybee; no one ever could. But at the same time, we’re happy we’re able to open our doors to another critter. They enrich our lives, relieve stress and just make us happy. So stop on by and meet the newest member of the Roundpeg crew.