It used to be that you were known by your vehicle. Service contractors and industrial companies like Lauck Manufacturing use trucks and vans to transport materials and workmen. The truck holds your logo, your phone number and your reputation. However, today’s market demands something more.

Consumers use the Internet like a phonebook. A common search to find Indianapolis area mechanics might be “mechanic Indianapolis”. People are only looking at the first three or four results from that search to find the mechanic they’re going to call. Signage on fleet vehicles is still a valuable asset, but your business needs a website to keep the calls coming.

Roundpeg worked with Lauck Manufacturing to develop their American Eagle Goals brand and we knew they were ready to make the leap. There were two things we kept in mind during the development process. First, Lauck’s market is primarily business-to-business. Impressive animations and video clips would do nothing for this audience. Strong images would still be key, but the layout and copy are optimized for people looking to get down to business. Our other touchstone for the project was the heritage of the hand-lettered sign on their original truck. To digitize this logo for their new website, we made a point of carefully recreating the unique character of the old sign. A rich color pallette of brown, khaki and maroon gives it new life on the web.

You can’t interact with a truck in a parking lot. At clients take-in the company’s story, browse a portfolio of projects and can even upload their own documents to easily request quotes. And the phone number is still right there, ready to be dialed.


Roundpeg is an Indianapolis web design firm.