It’s been a cold, nasty, rainy week here in Indianapolis, but things have been hopping in the little white house! Missed any blog posts this week? Curl up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and get caught up:

Saturday – Faces of Roundpeg – My Bosses – These people helped make Roundpeg what it is today without even realizing it. How my former bosses shaped my business.

Sunday –  The Science of Social – Social media is a science–are you experimenting?

Monday – Holeman Landscape- Turning a New Leaf – A lush new brochure celebrating the gorgeous designs of this local landscaping company.

 MTFW – Gender Differences in Networking Are No Valentine’s Day Special – Hazel Walker and her co-author Frank De Raffele, Jr. joined us for a special Valentine’s Day podcast on Business Networking and Sex.

Tuesday – If You Love Something, Let It Go – Don’t be selfish with your blog readers–release them into the world to read other great content. If it’s meant to be, they’ll come back to you.

Goodbye, Maybee – This week, we lost one of our own.

Wednesday – Photoshop Suggestions to Follow for Web Designers – A guest post from  Tatum Bree Hindman of TBH Creative on how to use photo shop as part of their design process.


Thursday – Every Website is a Snowflake – Peter reminds us that every website is a unique snowflake, but you’ve got to stand out from the snow drifts.

Friday – How Much Is Too Much Self-Promotion? – How many times should you retweet a blog post? When does it just become irritating?