No, this is not a personal ad. I am happily married and not looking for personal companionship. What I am looking for is that next great business relationship. I am looking for that right person to join the Rounpdeg team, and so far I am not having a lot of success.

I have read countless resumes and talked to lots of people and there is just no spark. I refuse to believe it is because they aren’t out there, becuase I have fallen in love before. The people who work on the Roundpeg team today, I love.  And I knew it within a few short minutes of meeting them.

So what’s missing?  What’s missing is the fire, passion and real interest on the part of the job applicants we are seeing.  In answer to why applicants are interested in Roundpeg, we have been told:

  • You are located just a few minutes from my house.
  • You were on the first page of the Google when I looked for web design companies.
  • I need a job.

All the answers are honest, just not very romantic.  I want to be courted, I want someone to tell me they want to work for us because they like our style, they read our blog or fan page, and think they would fit in.  They love animals, and think it is cool we have an office cat. I want to think they spent some time researching us before they sent us a resume, called us on the phone or came in for an interview.

So here is a message to anyone who hopes to work for Roundpeg some day.  If you want me to fall in love, be prepared to answer two simple questions. Why Us? and Why You?


Why Us? What is it about us that makes you want to learn more?

Why You? What makes you unique, special, different and qualified to run with us?

Answer those two questions in a well-written cover letter, and it might just be love!

Think you have what it takes?  We are accepting applications now