Hard to believe that the Super Bowl in now less than 3 weeks away. As we hear about the almost daily changes going on with our hometeam Colts, we’ve got our noses to the grindstone over here at the ‘Peg. Seems as if this January is redefining the word “busy”. Blogging is one of our top priorities here, and although I’m pretty sure you’ve also had a busy week, check out the Roundpeg topics that made it to our blogposts:

Leftover but Don’t Miss It – An Articulate Account
Scott, our summer intern, helped us out during his winter break. Here are his parting words as he heads back to school.

Saturday – Face of Roundpeg: The Pets – Bonnie, Clyde & Maybee
Roundpeg wouldn’t be the same without the four legged animals.

Sunday – If You Build It They Will Come
Unlike “Field of Dreams,” building a website does not guarantee that it will be viewed. Read Lorraine’s tips on how to drive traffic to your website.

Monday – Two Years of Madness
Allison’s anniversary. Roundpeg would be a different company without her influence for the past 2 years.

Tuesday – Customer Service Distilled
Guest blogger Thomas Aaron shares his perspectives on social media and customer service.

More Than a Few Words – It Is In the Words
Ellen Dunnigan, the owner of Accent on Business, joins us to talk about how to use  good communication skills as a sales person, leader or customer service rep.

Wednesday – Just Blog, Dammit
No excuses, make this the year to blog.

Taking a Stand to Defeat SOPA and PIPA
While the Roundpeg Blog  usually steers clear of politics, Lorraine explains why it is important to take a stand on SOPA & PIPA.

Thursday – 5 Simple SEO Tricks to Increase Traffic
Lorraine shares ideas of how small business owners can use SEO to increase web trafftic.

Friday – One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Plumbers
According to Peter, the  new GIPHCC website features a powerful search tool to help consumers find licensed contractors and an easy to use blogging platform that helps contractors reach out to consumers