Twitter bios are an interesting view into what is really important to someone.  In 140 characters or less you have a chance to tell people who you are, what kind of information you share, and who you want meet.

Complete strangers read your bio and decide whether they do or don’t want to follow you.  So what do you say?  Who are you?

While I had a pretty clear handle on @roundpeg’s bio – Passionate about small business marketing, social media and building a vibrant local economy I wasn’t sure how I wanted to describe @LorraineBall.  I spent some time checking out bios for inspiration as I wrote a new one for  me.  Here is a random sample of what was in my twitter stream. Who would you follow?

I liked Laura Fishers bio because she tells me what she is interested in.  I imagine she picks up a lot of followers who are interested in sustainable products.  I think she misses the mark by wasting characters  on the link to her etsy shop.  I would rather know more about her.

@baisebeige Textile Artist/Designer creating fashion friendly to earth and all humanity! Shop at

Kellie Smith really makes every word count.  You know about her professionally and personally.  You also get a feel for her sense of humor.   When I read this, I want to know more.

@marketingveep Born writer, revenue marketer, cool momma, AbFab speaker. Beast in the gym & on the dance floor. I tip the EQ scale, refuse to give up, and sneak cookie dough.

Hope Baugh has two on line identities. She uses part of each bio to direct you to the other one. Like @BaiseBeige, I think this may be a waste of precious characters.  I would rather she use just the words to describe this account and occasionally cross tweet between the accounts to move followers to other topics of interest.

I also think she has overused the hashtags in her bio to the point it is hard to figure out what she is really passionate about.  That being said I do love her theater reviews.

@indytheater Hope Baugh tweets about #indystage: live #theatre & #storytelling in the #Indy area. (Follow @HopeBaugh for tweets about #yalit, #reading & #libraries.)

@hopebaugh Young Adult Services manager at the Carmel Clay Public Library. #YAlit, #reading, & #libraries. See @IndyTheatrefor my tweets on #indystage & #theatre.

If you know Jason Falls, you know he is direct and to the point and so is his bio.  Of course he has the luxury of a solid fan base.  I know this wasn’t the bio he used when he first started.   But I like it, because it has just enough attitude to make me curious about what else he has to say

@jasonfalls Jason Falls thinks a lot. And shares. Sometimes it’s useful even.

Jenn Lisak doesn’t waste words either.  The bio is a broad list of her interests.  The “/” between each one rather then a “,” sends a subtle message that she is a techy.

@jlisak Marketer / Social Media Enthusiast / Relationship Manager, @DKNewMedia / Writer / Dreamer / KKG / Geek / Dancer / Biz Savvy / Character / Proud @butleru grad

So what did I learn after reading these and hundreds of other bios? Be sure you focus on what interests you, what you write about, and don’t be afraid to let a bit of your personality come through.

And after reading all of these what did I decide? Who is Lorraine Ball?

@lorraineball  Entrepreneur, Geek, & Social Media Enthusiast.

Lorraine is part of the Indianapolis Social Media team @roundpeg