Do you have problems figuring out what exactly you should be posting on Facebook? You have every intention of going on there every day and adding some new piece of content, but when you start staring at the blank screen you’re overwhelmed with the task? One easy way to take some of that blank screen anxiety away is with a social media editorial calendar.

Editorial calendars help you figure out what to post on which social networks when. Think of it as a little cheat sheet, hanging out and offering you tips and reminders about what information to share on that particular day. Some people create very elaborate editorial calendars, planning out weeks or months in advance what they’ll share on every particular day. I actually don’t advocate such rigorous planning. It blocks out room for spontaneity and to move as current events dictate. But having just a brief little calendar can help clarify what you should be sharing when. For instance, a calendar for Roundpeg’s Facebook page might look something like this:

Monday: Share social media article

Tuesday: Picture of Roundpeg crew

Wednesday: Share web design article

Thursday: Discussion question

Friday: Share weekly roundup blog post

Saturday: Wildcard

Sunday: Discussion question

It’s really that simple. Not elaborate, not fancy, just a short reminder to keep you on track and give you a starting point for what content it makes sense to share on each day. I even like to build in a “wildcard” day that does give you some flexibility to share an article you’re wild about, a fun picture of your team or product or whatever else strikes your fancy. Don’t be a slave to the calendar, but use it to help you stay consistent and on-message with your updates.

Do you use an editorial calendar for your social media?