On Business Notes from Roundpeg, we look at which posts are popular, what keywords drive traffic and where our traffic is coming from. I am continuously surprised that one post, Marketing Organization Chart, written three years ago this month, continues to drive traffic daily. It was so popular, I built a series around the topic, but the nagging question remains: Why do we get so much traffic for this group of posts?

It seems search terms such as “marketing org chart,” “marketing organization chart” and “marketing organization charts” each generate thousands of searches each month. These are competitive searches, with bidding for the keywords averaging $4/click, and yet our blog posts are winning the organic searches for free, over and over again.

Is it our wonderful copy? While our the posts can often be found on page one or two of each search, it is the blog images that are really driving traffic. Each post has an image that is appropriately named. And Google returns images at the top of many searches. Attractive, colorful and relevant, people select the image, and arrive at our blog.

We often think images are a nice extra feature in a blog post, giving visitors something to connect with as they scan the thumbnails of your blog. What the marketing org chart taught us, is they are as important in the traffic equation as the key words in your meta tags. If you are blogging to improve your SEO writing great content is only the first step. Taking time to identify relevant keys words and tag your posts is the second piece. The third is to include an image which will appeal to humans and search engines alike.

Over time we have evolved the image.  Here is our latest version:

RP OrgChart2

For more information about how you can use a marketing org chart to help your small business, download our free mini-ebook. You’ll receive in-depth information on using this chart in your own small business to create a cohesive marketing strategy that brings in leads you can convert into real customers.

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