Lorraine is back from here vacation in Hawaii, and thing at the ‘Peg are returning to normal.  Or as normal as they ever get around here.  While she was gone, we launched a few websites, and wrote more than a few blog posts.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop by, here is a sample of what you missed.

Saturday – Faces of Roundpeg: Michelle & Harrison, I Love You, You’re Fired!
Ground rules are important if you hire your kids, Lorraine lays them out here.

Sunday – Mediocrity or Brilliance in the Execution
Why a mediocre strategy might out perform a brilliant one.

Monday – Small Screens Redesign the Intern
As the use of mobile devices explode, it’s important to design your website to be user friendly no matter where it is accessed from.

Tuesday – Exercising Good Design
How working on a new logo for Know Sweat Workouts surprised Jenna.

Wednesday – 3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Business Content This Holiday Season
In this guest post by Alan Grainger, we look at ways to create appropriate seasonal messages for B2B companies.

Thursday – Not Everything is a PR Crisis
This one video does not a PR crisis make, read Allison’s thoughts on the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Thursday – Marketing Intern

Are you passionate about marketing? Do you want to put your student skills to the test in the real world and achieve big goals? Then we want you. We’re looking for a marketing intern who is ready for the big time.