Hard to imagine that we are at year’s end. Not to be cliche, but where has the time gone?  All of us who work here at Roundpeg know to expect the unexpected when we walk in the door and this week has not been an exception to that rule. While we are ready to celebrate the New Year, we’ve made it through this week by the skin of our teeth.

Have you had time to check out our blogs this week? From our list of personal favorite blog posts to our business plans for 2012, we’ve covered a lot of territory.  Happy New Year & we’re looking forward to a new year of blogging. What are you looking forward to?

Saturday – Faces of Roundpeg: Matt and the Gift of Words
Matt shared some words of wisdom with Lorraine when she was starting Roundpeg. Is there someone who has gifted you with their words this year?

Sunday – Simple Season’s Greetings from Roundpeg
Jenna designed the 2011 Roundpeg holiday card to reflect our new aesthetic. We wish our clients, friends and families a wonderful holiday season.

Monday – Hidden Gems from 2011
Last week we shared the top ten most popular blog posts, this week we tell you a little bit about our favorites from 2011.

Tuesday – All American Doesn’t Have to be Red, White & Blue
The challenge of designing a logo that will look good not only on the product but on a website as well.

MTFW: Your Baby is Ugly
Roundpeg designers Jenna Giles and Peter Wolfgram  discussed the challenges and rewards of working with graphic design clients.

Wednesday – Small Business Social Media Strategy for 2012
Social media became mainstream in 2011, how do you plan to use it in 2012?

Thursday – The Cobbler’s Children: 2012 Roundpeg Goals
This post is a list of our goals for 2012.

Friday – What Did Your Letter Say?
At the beginning of 2011, Lorraine wrote a letter about what she hoped to accomplish this year. Read this blog to see how her year wrapped up.

Happy New Year!