Last week we talked about the most popular posts of 2011. Those superstars got retweeted, shared and reaped loads of traffic. But there are other posts. Good posts, full of interesting information and terrible jokes, that for whatever reason never got much attention.

So we’re going to give them a second chance. Here are the Roundpeg staff’s favorite blog posts from 2011 which you may have missed:

Peter: Would You Jump Off the Roof for Social Media?
Heidi Cohen’s strategic questions offer a key to satisfying and successful social media engagement. Many people don’t think they have anything to write or talk about. That’s just not true. The rewards of reaching out with social media are worth a quick brainstorm to figure out what’s interesting about you. The tips in this post are a great primer for anyone looking to get started with social media.

Allison: Don’t Be Good at Social Media
When you spend all day mired in the echo chamber that is social media, it can be easy to get caught up in being “good” at social media. But that’s not the point at all: the point is to build loyalty, brand awareness and sales. It’s an important reminder for everyone.

 Jenna: Pick Your Palette
Color theory is undeniably one of the most important aspects of design.  The colors we choose when creating a logo, web design etc. can evoke so many different emotions, it is important to choose them wisely.

Lorraine: How to Discipline Your Boss
I love this post because it gives you some insight into the very strange and very special relationship I have with Allison.   It is also a great how-to for other young employees on how to sell their ideas to supervisors.

RebeccaWhatever Happens, Happens for the Best & Moments
As the “mom” of the Roundpeg crew, I overlook our little family. Our little white house is filled with such positive energy it is usually a refreshing change from my legal address which is too often these days filled with hormonal teenage angst. So, when “my” boys decided to spread their wings and fly, it left us all reeling. Their final blog posts still move me to tears but they are also happy tears as we hear back from both Taylor and Jay and follow their travels on Twitter and Facebook.