When I first started Roundpeg I looked to people who had started successful businesses. I looked at the path taken by people who had come from the same place I was coming from.  They were people who had made the transition from corporate executive  to entrepreneur.

One of the first people I looked to was Matt Michel.  Matt and I had worked together at Lennox, a lifetime ago.  After a successful career, he went out on his own, forming the Service Roundtable, an online community and resource program for HVAC contractors. I called Matt and asked him how to start a business. He gave me a number of good suggestions, but the best thing he did was give me one of my first testimonials.

Unsolicited, Matt wrote some really nice things about me, and those testimonials were used again and again in our brochure, web site and proposals. His reputation, credibility and words of endorsement opened a lot of doors for me.  Many of my early HVAC contracts came as a direct result of Matt’s initial comments.

As I look back at where we came from and forward to where we will be, one of the things I know are that “words” have power. What you say about someone else may seem like a small thing to you, but it can have tremendous impact on others. As you read my thank you to Matt, think about the people whose words have been valuable to you.

Think about the people who took the time to introduce and endorse you, opening doors for your business.  Have you said thank you?  And more importantly, have you used your words to introduce, endorse and open a door for someone else?

Lorraine can talk marketing theory with the best of them. But she stands apart by her ability to put the theory into down and dirty practice, yielding concrete, tangible results.”

Matt Michel – President The Service Roundtable