This week marked the completion of a new website, Now, I hate to play favorites, but this site is my favorite to date. Why? One reason: hometown flair.

When a company has targeted a geographic region, like Solaris, it’s important to develop a website that makes it recognizable to its particular market. In this case, our client needed a website to establish its image as a player in the Indianapolis market, offering  turn-key investment properties.

Roundpeg’s very own Peter Wolfgram was the artistic genius behind the website’s focal point – a replica of the Indianapolis skyline. The Indy skyline featured in the site’s web banner and interior page buttons gave Solaris immediate association with the Indianapolis market and created the hometown flair our client was looking for.  Rather then using “stock” photography in the rotating banners, we used photos of local houses, which added to the  unmistakable Indy feel of the site.  To check out the site, or to learn more about Solaris Property Group, LLC, click here.

About Solaris

Solaris Property Group, LLC is an Indianapolis-based real estate investment group. Since 1998, Solaris has focused solely on renovating and selling properties to investors in the Indianapolis market.

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