My husband Andy is the practical one in our relationship.  He is the one who tends to dot the “i”s, cross the “t” s  and worry about the details. Me?   I am more the big picture  and we will figure it out as we go type of person.  I think it is that balance which has helped us stay married all these years.

It is also that balance which has helped make Roundpeg successful.  Even though Andy is not a part of the day to day operations, I lean on him as a sounding board, and I know there would be no Roundpeg without him.

From that very first conversation, when I told him I was going to leave my VP job at Conseco, Andy was practical. He asked tough questions.  Did I have a business plan?  Had I really thought this through?.  Over the years, I have come to rely on him to ask the tough questions, (annoyingly tough sometimes).  After 10 years I have come to value and appreciate those questions.

Many of the  entrepreneurs I meet are like me. They are good at the big picture, with a little bit of ADD. What separates the successful ones from those that flounder? The successful ones have someone like Andy in their court. Someone who slows them down long enough to see the details, fill in the blanks, and close the gaps in their idea.  Even if your business is a one person operation, finding that person who will make you think is the key to your success.

As I think about the faces of Roundpeg, his is always the first that comes to mine.   Thanks Andy!