What a fun week!  It included another trip for Lorraine and our first Pumpkin Carving Event.   If you missed some of the ups and downs, you can catch up on all the action here:

Saturday – The Faces of Roundpeg
As we approach our 10 year anniversary, we’ll introduce you to family, friends and employees who have helped shape who we are.

Sunday – My Roundpeg Story
In Rebecca’s first foray into the blogoshere, she tells how Roundpeg came to be part of her life.

Monday – What Changes to Facebook Mean to You and Your Business
Allison explains the pros and cons of Facebook’s new timeline.

Tuesday – Social Media Strategy and Budget
Further thoughts on the results of the 2011 Small Business Social Media Survey.

Wednesday –MTFW – Community Marketing with Steven Shattuck
With Lorraine on the road, Joe and Allison hosted guest Steven Shattuck for a discussion of community marketing tactics.

Marketing, Social Media and Pumpkin Carving Too!
If you’re reading this than you may have missed our pumpkin carving party and a special episode of Roundpeg radio.

Thursday – Indiana Acupuncture
Jenna’s recent redesign of Indiana Acupuncture brochures greatly improved both the functionality and the aesthetics.