karlThis week we experienced a Roundpeg first, as client Karl Volkmar of UHAS Inc, stopped by with flowers.    The reason for his lovely gift?  We were able to solve the challenge of moving his web site to a new server.   It helped that we had built the site in WordPress to begin with and were happy to help. The flowers were just a nice touch.

What else have we been up to this week?  Check out our recent posts and see:

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Words of wisdom from Lorraine’s big brother.

Sunday – Not Everyone Can Play Baseball
If the “game” you play doesn’t suit your skill set, consider a change in course.

Monday – Is Your Website About You or Your Customer?
Is your website an exercise in ego or a resource for your clients

Tuesday – Five Tips for Better Podcasts
With 5 months of podcast experience under our belts, here are some of our tips for better podcasts.

Wednesday – MTFW: Environmental Marketing
Guests Jennifer Riley Simone and Tom Barrett help us explore marketing and social media tactics being used to deliver messages about environmental issues.

Thursday – At the Party
Twitter basics in a nutshell.