BlogTalkRadio has made it easy for lots of ordinary people, business owners and consultants to host their own “radio program”.  While the technology is easy, there are no instructions on how to be a good host.  At Roundpeg, we have been hosting More than a Few Words, our weekly program since May and we have learned a few things along the way.   As an Indianapolis social media firm, the podcast allows us to connect with friends, clients, and prospects in an entirely different way. If you are thinking about hosting  your own podcast, or you have been invited to be a guest on one, here are a few things to consider

  1. Be a good listener. Everyone, guests, and hosts will come to the podcast with specific points to present.  While it is important to present compelling and relevant information to the audience, it’s equally important to be a good listener.  This allows you to respond to questions and comments of other interview participants. It makes the podcast more like a conversation. Sometimes you get off track, but if it is an interesting sidebar your audience will enjoy the trip.
  2.  Speak in sound bites. Listeners have a tendency to remember sound bites. Before an interview, spend a few minutes to develop several sound bites, maybe even write them down.  In the few minutes before the show goes live, talk to the host/guests about questions which will allow you to share those sound bites.  Along with this remember to slow down.   If you tend to talk quickly (and I do) your words may be garbled and hard to understand.  Remember to come up for air, to allow your audience to catch up and your host to ask the next question
  3.  Do your homework.  As the host, know something about your guests.  Prepare questions in advance, and be prepared to help showcase them in the best possible light.  Conversely as a guest, know generally what you want to talk about. This will help eliminate the awkward silences.
  4. Use social media to encourage audience participation. Publish a call in number, share a hashtag on Twitter and publish the event on your Facebook calendar. We run a chat room and keep our twitter wall up during our podcast.  It is a lot to keep up with, but the interaction with the audience takes the conversation in different directions.  It also helps the listeners feel engaged.
  5. Have fun.  When it is obvious you are enjoying the conversation, your audience will as well.
We still have a lot to learn about the podcast process, but we have really enjoyed visiting with friends and clients and sharing the conversations.  Do you have tips to share?  Please add a comment here.  And if you would like to be a guest on #MTFW, drop us a note with a topic you would like to discuss.
The program is live every Wednesday, from 10:30 – 11:00.  In the meantime, you can listen to some of our archived programs here:

Listen to internet radio with Roundpeg on Blog Talk Radio
More than a few words is produced by Roundpeg, an Indianapolis social media firm.