This blog, Business Notes from Roundpeg is almost four years old.   Every now and then it is fun to go back and look at some of the early posts, to see what’s changed and what remains the same.

I found this on a post from January 2008

The rules of the web design are changing.   Key words and meta tags are no longer enough to drive traffic to the website for your small business.  The search engines are getting smarter and they are looking for real, relevant and timely content.  Constant updates to your website can be difficult, expensive, and impractical, but incorporating a blog as part of your site will accomplish the same thing.

At the time, this was a relatively new idea, as most business websites were static, brochure sites.   While many companies have incorporated blogs into their business web page, many have not.  I am surprised at how many clients come to us, even now, four years later, without a blog.

Part of the original post was a link to this list of  Ten Keys to Getting Your Blog Right.   The author’s suggestions still ring true.  If you want to have a successful business blog:

  1. Have a Goal
  2. Understand Your Audience
  3. Know What is in it for Them
  4. Write Right
  5. Readable Blog Posts
  6. Link to Peers and Give Credit
  7. Encourage Comments and Debate
  8. Find Your Audience
  9. Measure
  10. Take Time

Are you still sitting on the sidelines?  If you are ready to add or update your blog, Roundpeg, an Indianapolis Web Design and Social Media firm can help.