Guest blogger, Lindsey Paho, a writer at Professional Intern  is back for another visit.  This month her post focuses on the importance of a balance life for small business owners.

Keeping your personal life in balance while ensuring your business stays in the black can be tough. And small business owners have an especially difficult time maintaining a healthy balance because the demands of a small business can easily bleed over into personal life. The line between work and relaxation can be easily crossed, especially if you tend to work from home as well as the office.

Take a Break from Technology

Spending time in front of a computer can take up so much of your day that it’s easy to lose track of time. It’s not uncommon to turn off the computer in the office, only to fire up the laptop when you get home. Before you know it, the day is gone and when you weren’t working on your computer you were still glued to the screen checking emails and social media sites. Exerting the willpower to shut off your computer and step away from work when you need to can be tough. But if you make the effort to create some technology-free time you’ll find that it can add significant enrichment to your personal life.

Personal Time Matters

When you begin to let the demands of a small business encroach upon your time, one of the first areas that tend to be impacted is your exercise routine. Time spent in the gym, jogging or walking usually ends up getting sacrificed first when work takes priority over personal time. Stepping away from work to get some good exercise can help you stay in shape and feel better. You might be surprised at the positive impact of establishing an exercise routine can have on your productivity and creativity while working as well. And since exercise boosts endorphin levels in the brain you may find that it’s easier to maintain a positive attitude.

Rediscover Reading

When your personal life has to give way to the demands of your small business, finding the time to regularly read can be difficult. But if exercise is important for keeping your body in shape, reading frequently is a good workout for your brain. Making time for regular reading—even if it’s just during your lunch break—is a good way to stay informed and engaged with new ideas. And it doesn’t have to be Tolstoy novels either. Keeping several business and entrepreneur-themed magazines handy can make for a great way to take a break and gain insights that can have a direct positive impact on your business.

Take a Class

Even if you don’t have an interest in continuing your education or pursuing a degree program, take a class in a subject that intrigues you. Personal time doesn’t mean that you have to be passive. And don’t think that it has to be a business class either. If you have a passion for history, enroll in a history class. If you’ve always been fascinated with how different societies produce distinct cultures, enroll in a cultural anthropology class. Lifelong learning is uniquely enriching and ensures that you’re a well-rounded person. But regardless of what you do with your personal time, just make sure that you don’t let the work of running a small business dominate your life.


Lindsay Paho
Lindsey Paho lives near Chicago. She divides her time among work, writing and family life. She writes on behalf of Colorado Technical Universityand has a keen interest in small business blogging and social media. She also writes for