Where did the summer go?  It seemed like the heat would never break, and suddenly it is September.  The kids are back in school, the leaves are turning colors, and there are changes at Roundpeg.

This week we say goodbye to Jay Mattingly, as he heads off to the next phase of his life.  Over the last two years, he has brought his own special brand of fun to Roundpeg, and we will miss him.  Be sure to check out his farewell post, along with everything else we shared at Roundpeg this week.

Saturday – Pitching for Bloggers is NOT Traditional PR

Allison spends a lot of time doing social media, but her background is in traditional, old-school public relations.  Over the last few months she has learned that pitching bloggers–be they moms, business bloggers, or any number of the other kinds of bloggers is not the same as pitching a traditional journalist.

Sunday –Pictures Help Clients Visualize the Message

Will the internet spell the end of printed brochures?   While many companies have moved more and more of their content online, I believe brochures will be around for a long time to come. There’s something to be said for holding information in the palm of your hand, and having it all there in black and white to read at your leisure.

Monday – You and the Tube

At the most recent Indy Social Media breakfast, Jay  had a chance to hear   Rocky Walls and Julie Perry speak about video marketing. In their presentations, Rocky and Julie approached the topic of video from two very different perspectives.   Here is what he learned during their presentation.

Tuesday – Size Can Slow You Down

For the last few months we have been working with a large company on a series of projects. For the most part  we have enjoyed the change of  pace from our small business clients. There are days however, as we bounce from one person to the next, trying to get a decision, that I remember why I left corporate.

Wednesday – More than a Few Words – Food and Social Media

Last week we talked about beer.  This week it is food.  Lauren Fiedler @brewhouseprlou  joined us as we talked about how restaurants and other venues can leverage social media.

Thursday – Social Media Rules

In our 2011 Small Business Social Media Study we learned a lot about how  small companies were using social media and what type of  results they were seeing.  This year we also took a closer look at company rules and policy.

Friday – Moments

After two  years, Jay reflects on his moments at Roundpeg: They say there are two kinds of people in this world: “things” people and “moments” people. Things people are driven by the pursuit of objects and status symbols. Moments people don’t see a price, they see a potential memory. Neither is wrong, the two views are simply different.