Excuse me a moment while I catch my breath.

Well, it’s finally here. You know, the moment they tell you about. Goodbye fun, check you later freedom, hello death and taxes. Better enjoy the fun while you can, kid, its time to join the real world.

Now wait a second, though. If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure I just joined Roundpeg, the most rockin’, fun-filled marketing firm this side of the Mississippi. I think its safe to say I’ve got some time before the Grim Reaper comes knocking on my doorstep to creep on all the fun I’m having.

To all who have not heard: there’s a new gunslinger joining the Roundpeg crew. My name is Joe, and as of today I am officially the newest member of our team. I graduated this past May from Indiana State University where I studied Public Relations and Human and Environmental Systems.

I cannot thank Lorraine and the rest of the crew enough for the wonderful opportunity they have given me here at Roundpeg. I am very honored to call this my new home, and can’t wait to get started working with each one of our firms unique and diverse clients. See you soon!