The week has flown by, and ended with a bang!  Last night Lorraine’s interview on NPR aired.  We spent much of the day sharing the link with friends, family and customers.   If you missed the broadcast you can still listen to the program here.

And if you haven’t been here for a week or so, here is a run down of the other content you missed

Saturday – Guests Wanted
Lorraine’s been blogging for approximately four years. Rarely is she at a loss for words, but blogging seven days a week can be a challenge. The Roundpeg crew (interns included) help out with the blogging on a regular basis but we like to feature guest bloggers on a regular basis. Interested? Read this blog for more information.

Sunday – Keep Visitors Coming Back
To be an effective part of your marketing strategy, your web design must look good,  engage visitors and give them reasons to keep them coming back, again and again. This post has tips things to include on your web site to keep visitors coming back for more.

Monday – The 5 Stages of Grief: Client Loss Edition
Alison shares her lesson of letting go when a client decides to leave the agency.

Tuesday – The Elusive Page One
A web design does not guarantee page one on Google, but here are a few ways we’ve improved on our ranking.

Wednesday – Keeping You Safe…From Bad Web Design
One of our newest web redesigns is for a client company who needed to communicate a virtual encyclopedia of information. The best approach was to go with a clean, simple layout to ensure that visitors are not overwhelmed when they arrive on the home page. A well organized navigation structure directs visitors to the information they are seeking.

Thursday – Why Small Business Owners Need Social Media
Lorraine explains why small business owners can benefit from the use of social media.