There are always things at Roundpeg, and this week was no exception.  We finished painting the walls in our new conference room, and we are ready for our first official event, the first week of September.   We are also excited that Brittany Wright has joined us as a PR intern.  Be sure to watch for her posts and tweets in the coming weeks.   If you haven’t had a chance to drop by Roundpeg this week, here is a summary of what you missed.

8/13 Saturday – Sometimes You Need a Specialist

Would you ask a dentist to fit you for a new pair of glasses or a plastic surgeon to deliver your baby?  Of course not.  Why? Because each of these medical professionals is a specialist.  They have both been to medical school but each has a specific area of expertise. While we understand the concept of the specialist when it comes to medicine, we seem to forget  it applies in other areas too

 Small Business Big IMpact

As a small business marketing firm,we’ve seen firsthand the big impact an effective social media program can have. But most of our information was anecdotal, and we wanted to understand how social media was being used on a wider scale.  Check out the results of our 2011 Small Business Social Media Survey

8/14 Sunday – Class is In Session

There is no such thing as bad student…only bad teacher. -Mr. Miyagi As I was trudging through 16 years of school, I never thought I’d be the one teaching. Learn more about Jay’s experiences as an instructor.

What I Learned at Blog Indiana

This is always one of my favorite events and this year was no different.  Check out some of the lessons I learned at Blog Indiana this year

8/15 Monday – I Hear Voices 

Writers can tell the exact same story in vastly different ways. Even though the bones of the writing are the same, how they tell the story can change our perception of it. These differences in writing style are commonly known as “voices,” and they aren’t reserved for fiction writing alone. Voice can be a critical part of any blog strategy–especially if you’re outsourcing.

8/16 Tuesday  –Don’t Let Trademark Bullies Steal Your Lunch

We often think about protecting our own brands with trademarks.  In today’s blog post Attorney, Dick Troll talks about protecting yourself from what he calls “Trademark Bullies”

8/17 Wednesday – The Dangers of Scheduling Social Media

There are so many tools out there for scheduling tweets and Facebook updates. It makes it so easy to act like a Ronco Rotisserie Oven and “set it and forget it.”

8/18 Thursday – But That’s My Dress

Most women have had this experience at least once.  You find the perfect dress.  You love it and feel great when you wear it until …You walk into a party and come face to face with another woman wearing the same dress. It happens.  And it happens in web design too!

8/19 Friday – Meet the New Girl

Get to know Brittany the newest Roundpeg team member. Here is what she says about her internship at Roundpeg: I am currently finishing up my Master’s Degree in the IUPUI School of Journalism’s Public Relations Program and had been seeking an internship within an Indianapolis PR firm. I interviewed with the Roundpeg team last week, and left knowing that I absolutely loved the culture and atmosphere.