Will the internet spell the end of printed brochures?   While many companies have moved more and more of their content online, I believe brochures will be around for a long time to come. There’s something to be said for holding information in the palm of your hand, and having it all there in black and white to read at your leisure.

We are just finishing up work on a printed piece we really like. Vision Equity,  a real estate investment firm, came to us with an interesting challenge.  They had a power point presentation with more than 25 slides, which they wanted consolidated into a manageable amount of data.  While there was some information every investor would be interested in, they also had a series of case studies which would only be relevant to a few .

vision equityWe created a series of mix and match case studies, along with letterhead they can use to print custom information pages.  The project was fun for us, because it challenged us to look at several alternative designs before we found one which really told Vision Equity’s story