Working with a range of industries can sometimes provide unique challenges. A web design which  works well for a dentist may be completely useless for a client trying to sell candles. Types of images, navigation styles and plugins will vary dramatically with the industry and customer objectives.

Workplace Safety, an industrial risk management firm based in Indianapolis, came to us for an update of their website. In a complex and technical field they challenged us to present an incredible amount of information in a logical, organized fashion.  They wanted a site which catered to engineers but appealed to everyone. Our worst fear was overwhelming visitors to the site as we worked to design a web site which would clearly communicate their mission of  “protecting human capital.”

We decided to go with a clean, simple layout. While the site holds a virtual encyclopedia of information, visitors are not overwhelmed when they arrive on the home page. A well organized navigation structure directs visitors to the information they are seeking.

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