Jenna, our new graphic designer, has joined us this week.  It is nice to be back up to full strength, and I think she is going to add a wonderful new flavor to our company stew.

If you have been too busy to drop by, here is a sampling of what else  you missed this week at Roundpeg.

Saturday – Survey Says: Social Media Tips from Small Business Owners
Check out our preview of the results from our Social Media survey.

Sunday – Three Upcoming Seminars for Job Seekers
Details about the seminars Allison will be hosting in the next few weeks designed to help job seekers learn to use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Monday – Four Steps to Email Success: Category, Content, Monitor & Adjust
As email celebrates 40 years of connecting, and overwhelming us,Lorraine still believes there is a place for this tool.

Tuesday – Why Small Business Owners Need to Blog
Not only should small business owners blog for the SEO benefits, but check out this blogpost for several other reasons you should be blogging.

Wednesday – Marketing and Murder
Jay shows how a targeted marketing strategy helped the FBI capture a mobster.

Thursday – What Makes You Attractive?
What makes a blog attractive to readers?

Friday – More Than a Few Words: YouTube and Small Business
Next Wednesday, July 6, we’ll be talking YouTube and small business with special guest, Rocky Walls. Let us know what questions you have.