Tim Batta had an idea about the type of Carpentry business he wanted to run.  With an eye for detail he wanted a name and logo the conveyed the precision with which he would approach any project.

We gave him a long list of choices, but I was really glad he choose “The Carpenter’s Rule”.  It was a great name with two meanings.  The name conveyed the sense or order Tim brought to every project, but also a carpenter’s rule is a tool used by carpenters.


The logo we designed to support the name had a strong precise feel.   Since he would be working with wood, we choose browns and greens to reflect his brand.

The measuring theme was also carried through all of their collateral, with a strong green background on the business card to make it stand out.

This is still one of my favorite branding projects because we had a chance to develop the small business logo as part of an overall branding development project.