I have a number of bloggers who I read on a regular basis.  I enjoy their new content, but sometimes it is fun to reach back and look for things they wrote two and three years ago to see if the content is still relevant  I did that recently with a post by Jim Connolly. Jim is a  solid marketing professional and I enjoy his practical advice .  One of my favorite blogs of his focused on Attraction.   He said:

You attract sales, leads and referrals by being attractive.  In the online world, this means making your site or blog as valuable to your ideal profile of client / customer as possible.  You do this by focusing on delivering quality and quantity.

When it comes to attraction on or off-line, what makes you attractive? Go to a party and look around the room.  You will see the interesting, confident people are usually the center of attention.

How does this translate to your on-line persona?  Write interesting content and share it with confidence.    Create a  simple update on Twitter or LinkedIn to let your followers know you have something new, then let your readers find you.

It is frustrating when you write a good post and no one comes to read it.   Instead of emailing a link to everyone you know, simply write another good post.

And one final thought, in addition to interesting people, the other very popular folks at any party are the good listeners.  So spend some time listening as well by asking good questions.

Who are the most attractive people you know?