This might possibly have been the worst week in the history of Roundpeg …  or the best.

Allison is on vacation, and I am trying to figure out how she keeps all the balls I throw at her up in the air.  I am working longer hours and developing a new appreciation for all she does.  Her note taking leaves a little to be desired, but we are figuring it out.

On the other hand … I rediscovered what I liked about copy writing, and am enjoying getting a chance to put that part of my skill set to the test.  It is nice to know I can still do the work.

Taylor has left the building and there is a hole in our organization and in my heart. I have a hard time looking at his neat desk, and getting used to the idea he won’t be showing up with his ice coffee from Starbucks any time soon.

On the other hand … Sharayah has stepped up. She is a little stressed, but she is moving out of her comfort zone, anticipating assignments, sending jobs to print, working with clients, and voicing her opinions.  By the end of the summer she is going to be an amazingly well-rounded designer.

And we have hired a new full time designer who will start the end of the month.  She brings many of the same skills, because she and Taylor were in school together.  We look forward to introducing her to our clients and friends after she has left her current position.

One of our interns deleted almost 800 blog posts by mistake.  Fortunately, we were able to restore all but 200.  I lost a few hours, stressing and figuring out what to do and then restoring those posts, 20 at a time.

On the other hand … I got a chance to read and review content I wrote two and three years ago. Some of the posts were really good, and inspired me to write follow-ups or share some of what I had written with new audiences.

One of our long-time clients has hired a new employee to manage their marketing.  While we will still do quite a bit of graphic design, we will be moving out of the strategy role as those tasks move inside his organization.  I am glad he is growing, but I will miss the day-to-day interactions with this business owner.

On the other hand ... we closed three amazing projects we have been chasing for awhile.  We will be pushing our skill set in new directions and possibly hiring another web/social media person by the end of the summer.

So was this the best week or the worst?  I am not sure.  With all the highs and lows it was like riding a roller coaster; exciting as long as I could keep from throwing up.  And just like at the amusement park, I will be ready to ride again next week, as long as I take a moment to catch my breath.