In the last few weeks  many of our conversations at Roundpeg have centered around print and web design.  It seems only natural that some of those conversations would drift over to our blog.

So if you haven’t had a chance to stop by this week, here is a sample of what you missed.  While not everything is about   design, the week definately has a design influenced feel.

Saturday – Ten Reasons Your Prospects Hate Your Website
Our top 10 list of how you your website is turning prospects off.

Sunday – Ten Reasons Search Engines Hate Your Website
Our top list of why your website is not attracting and engaging search engines.

Monday – Memorial Day: A Salute to Heroes
Lorraine pays tribute to the heroes among us,  military and otherwise.

Tuesday – More Than a Few Words: FaceBook for B2B Companies
A preview of what is coming up this Friday on More Than a Few Words

Wednesday – Small Business Brochure Tips
Whether you are creating a brochure yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, planning is the key for a positive outcome.

Thursday – It’s Not Just a Sign
What does your sign say about your business? – Probably the last post by our graphic designer Taylor Brough before he heads off to his new gig in Florida.  We will miss him.