This week we are saying goodbye to Taylor.  We will miss him, but I know he is going to be really happy with his new gig in Florida.  Of course, if the temperatures don’t drop here, he may miss the Indy heat when he is gone.   While we have been sadly watching him pack his bags we have also been busy working on projects, and our new web site – stay tuned for previews.

And if you haven’t been by in awhile, here is a bit of what you missed from Business Notes from Roundpeg

Saturday – Frisbee Business Scott, Roundpeg’s summer interactive development intern, shares some tips about what he learned from turning his passion into cash flow.

Sunday – What Tennis has Taught Me about Business Stephanie, another summer intern, explains the valuable connections between business and tennis that can’t be taught in a classroom.

Monday – Do You Want Fries With That? Lorraine explains  the idea of  how encouraging clients to purchase in volume is more efficient than purchase frequency.

More Than a Few Words: Small Business Web Design Mistakes
Jay and Lorraine will be talking about small business web design mistakes this Friday. Contact us to add to our list of our top ten turn offs.

Tuesday – Stop Pushing Tweets to LinkedIn Allison explains why your every Tweet does not belong on LinkedIn.

Wednesday – Start Planning Your Trade Show Strategy Now Lorraine shares her thoughts on how planning your strategy now for Fall Trade Shows will pay off in a big way.

Thursday – Numbers Paint Pictures Lorraine shares a video clip from this year’s TED Conference, demonstrating the way numbers can paint pictures.