Why Small Business Owners Need to Blog

by Jun 28, 2011Content | Social Media | Email, SEO | Web Design

Lately I have been focusing much of my attention on the natural SEO benefits of blogging. As I talk to Indianapolis business owners about their web design projects, much of the conversation is focused  on the integral role the blog will play in  driving traffic to the site. While important, SEO is not the only reason to blog.  In a recent post on the MarketPath Blog Kevin Kennedy gave several other important reasons to blog.  His list included:

Blogging can give your business credibility and it forces you to keep learning.

Four years ago I committed to writing a blog post every day.  While I have a lot to say, I am continually reading and researching to find new content to share with my readers.    I am always adding my own unique perspective to the content I find, but I have learned a lot along the way.

Blog content can be re-used (many times over)

Programmers call it reusable code, once written, it can be applied over and over again, with slight modifications to new projects.  The same is true for your blog. My best content finds it’s way into newsletters, emails and sales proposals.  How do I figure out what my best content is?  I let my readers tell me.

Blogging and PR work together

At Roundpeg we consider blogging and social media simply an extension of our small business pr strategy, they work together to tell a company’s story.

 What would you add to the list? Does you small business blog?  And why?


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