I am a numbers person. This little known fact comes as a surprise to most people, because they don’t expect this outgoing marketing type to enjoy being bogged down in numbers. But I am fascinated by the pictures numbers paint, so I loved this presentation by Aaron Koblin.   Speaking at Ted Conference earlier this year, he suggested that 19th century culture was defined by the novel and 20th century culture by the cinema.   The 21st century he suggests will be defined by the interface:  The organization of data into something that is meaningful to humans

The video is 18 minutes long, and I am sure you didn’t plan on staying quite that long when you dropped by today.  But watch the first five. Look at how he converts the data of airplane schedules into something beautiful.  And if his number pictures have got you hooked, bookmark the page, and come back to watch the rest.  You will be glad you did