We all know that huge companies like McDonald’s, Chrysler, and Delta are using social media for PR, advertising, and customer service. But what about the little guys? How are your neighborhood butcher, baker, and candlestick maker using social media to promote their own business?

Indianapolis Social Media and Small Business

That is going to be the topic of my presentation at this year’s BlogIndiana Conference.   I will be combining data gathered from a survey of small business owners on how they use social media  with case studies featuring success and lessons learned with some of small business clients.  We will look at both consumer and B2B applications of blogging and social media strategy.

When:Aug 11 & 12

Where:  Fishers Conference Center

To Register: http://www.blogindiana.com/2011/ Take advantage of the early bird discount and buy your ticket before June 14.


Also, we are still collecting data and would really appreciate the input in our survey.  It will only take a few minutes.