Our intern Scott Pfeiffer has already learned that internships are often very different then what you expect.

Well I guess one of my summer goals has been completed: finish the first week of my internship at Roundpeg.  With a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant co-workers who are easy to get along with, sometimes being at Roundpeg feels more like working on a group project at school.  The teacher is Lorraine who is always there if we have any questions.  Everyone else could be compared to students who are in higher level classes.  They know more material than I do but they are glad to help me learn.

In the 20 hours that I have spent at the office I feel like I have accomplished a great deal.  There has been some busy work but more importantly there has been real work that I have done.  WordPress has proved to be a very simple web platform.  I still can’t believe how easy it is to build a webpage using WordPress.

While it is easy to design a website using WordPress, there are a lot of times where prior experience is necessary.  That is where Jay comes in.  He knows the answers to all of my questions and is supportive of my lack of experience.

So far I have learned how to create webpages complete with tabs, sliders and little pop open boxes.  I have also learned how to create buttons and insert images into pages.  Creating portfolio pages is a work in progress.  While this doesn’t sound like that much there are certainly many different ways in which this could all be applied.  I definitely look forward to learning more and improving on my previous skills.

I think my goal for this internship has changed in the past week.  While real world job experience is still something that I wish to attain, I have come to the realization that this is mostly a passive goal.  It’s really not that hard to show up to work on time and do what I am asked to do.  I now want to go back to school in the fall with the skills and knowledge to create and maintain a website on my own.

I have no idea how hard it is to completely manage a website but what I can say is that I want to find out.  Who knows, if I can learn how to do this before the summer is done then maybe my goal will change again.