Small Business Social Media – Another Look

A year ago we conducted a study of how small business owners were using social media.  A year is a long time and things have changed, so we knew it was time to revisit the questions.  You can take the survey here. or the mobile version here.

How small business owners use social media

While the results are still coming in, some patterns are definitely emerging.

  1. This year, many more networks were included in the list of network profiles. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are still the most common.  YouTube and Foursquare each have solid communities which seem to be leaving Plaxo in the dust.
  2. When asked which was their primary network,  Facebook continues to top the charts for small business owners.  Almost half of the respondents still say Facebook is their  primary network. The big change (at least from the early data) is the move up by Twitter as it replaces LinkedIn in the number two spot.

Over the next few weeks we are going to continue to collect data, compile, analyze and share the results.  The more small business owners who respond to the survey, the better.  If you haven’t taken a moment, please complete the survey now.