customersWhen I found this cartoon on   It made me smile and wish I really could train my customers how to buy from us.   Life would be so much easier if they would come to the sales conversation with:

  • Specific definitions of what they want
  • Realistic expectations of  how long it will take
  • An appropriate budget to cover the cost of the project

But after 18 months in the Sandler Trustpoint program with Matt Nettleton, I am pretty sure that is not going to happen.  So instead I continue to work on my sales skills.  I have learned that The problem the customer brings is never the real problem.  So an organized approach to the sales  process which includes specific questions and a willingness to simply ask why is required to uncover the real issues.    This is hard for me, because I am teacher and want to demonstrate my expertise, and jump to the solution, but I am working on it.

What issues are holding you back from being a better sales person?