As I get ready to head out the door for another Startup Weekend, I am excited about the new businesses that will form her in Indy over the next 3 days.  while I am looking ahead, you can look back and see some of the blog posts you may have missed if you haven’t had a chance to stop by all weekend.

Saturday – Web Candy – When you go to check out in the grocery store, do you ever grab a candy bar from those tempting shelves near the registers? What if your website could do the same thing?

Social Media Stew – BNI Exclusive Session
BNI Members sign up and mark your calendars for May 4 is the day that Roundpeg presents to 35 lucky members the ever popular Social Media Stew.

Sunday – Living the Roundpeg Dream
One of our interns, Jennifer, tells how her experience with us has benefited her as she rides off into the sunset…..

Monday – The Carmel Conundrum
Tips for business owners on how to balance upscale taste of potential clients with value-based prices.

Tuesday – Social Media Stew Power Point
Lorraine shares the power point presentation from Social Media Stew presented to HVAC reps.

Wednesday – Words, Pictures and Your Best Content
In a week filled with social media, Lorraine shares some key points that she has made in recent presentations.

Thursday – A Slithery Strategy
The Bronx Zoo (and perhaps New York City) was able to capitalize on the escapades of an escaped reptile. Are you set to ride the coat tails of the latest breaking news?