It’s funny how life can be so apropos. I have been dreading the end of my internship with Roundpeg.  On one hand, I knew it was time to spread my wings, and to jump on other employment opportunities. However, I know I am going to miss this crazy team and that there is always more to learn.  And then, as if I needed one to tell me that today was the day to move along, a sign came to me in a big way.

A little background: I manage the social media strategy for Poochie-Pets, LLC, which makes Poochie-Bells and Furbitz (feel free to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @poochiebells and @furbitz). I have been working for the company part-time for over a year now, helping them with business development. Needless to say, they were very excited about the skills I was learning at Roundpeg, and asked me to head-up their social media efforts. It has been interesting to bring a well-established brand (Poochie-Bells) into the social media world, as well has launch a new product (Furbitz) with these new tools.

There is something else you should know. Poochie-Pets Central is located in Connecticut – as in UConn country. I, the one who controls their social media, live in Indiana – as in Butler country.


The Roundpeg team has been supporting my Poochie-Pets efforts throughout my internship, celebrating the milestones and offering sage advice and constructive criticism. A few days ago, I was telling Allison about the March Madness arguments I have been having with my co-workers and the pro-Butler tweets I was posting from Furbitz, and she suggested  I send a Furbitz to Butler Blue II. Fantastic idea, right? So, I wrote a letter to Blue, telling him of my defiance in the face of potential firing, and sent him an All-American Dog Furbitz. Today, @ButlerBlue2 sent three tweets, including pictures, of his Furbitz, highlighting the product to his 4000+ followers! Slam dunk, thank you very much, Roundpeg.

These are the people who agreed to take on this unconventional (read older), yet eager intern and teach me how to navigate the world of digital marketing. I only hope that I can do them proud. @jennrileysimone


Note from Lorraine: Jenn was a quick learner, and a lot of fun.. We are going to miss her!