This week our blog included lots of video and podcast interviews.  We really like mixing up the content; the mix makes the blog a lot more interesting.  It also allows us to deliver content in a variety of ways to meed the preferences of our visitors.

So if you haven’t been by all week, here is a slice of the videos, podcasts and blog posts  you missed.

Saturday – Internet Promotion
In this video interview I share a very specific example of how one client used an internet marketing promotions  to drive traffic to website and fan pages, and build his email list for future marketing campagns.

Sunday – Leveraging LinkedIn to Support Your Business
Guest blogger, Brendan Cruickshank, explains why marketing doesn’t begin with advertising, it begins with branding – building a recognizable presence both physically, in the community, and online.

Monday – What Is New at Rainmakers?
In this podcast, Tony Scelzo explains to Lorraine how Rainmakers has become the eHarmony of business working with AddressTwo to automated the process of making strategic connections and managing contacts.

Tuesday – Real Life Is Not Quite Like School
In the latest installment of More Than a Few Words, Taylor Brough, Creative Director of Roundpeg explains how the real world of design differs from the classroom experience.

Wednesday – Website Design on a Dime
As part of his virtual book tour for Unfunded: From Bootstrap to Blue Chip Without the Fuel of  Round-A Capital, Nick Carter wrote a blog post for us using material not found in his book.

Thursday – Time to Review Spending, Again
Now is a good to to review spending, are you sure your dollars are going towards wise spending?