It has been another busy week at Roundpeg, and even Clyde has gotten into the act, helping out where she can.   With everything we have going on, we still found time to write some interesting blog posts.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop by this week, here is a list of what you missed.

Clyde Hard at work at Roundpeg

Clyde Hard at Work at Roundpeg

Saturday – Marketing — The Balancing ActThe balancing act of spending enough money to get noticed without breaking the bank.

Sunday – Are You Ready to Grow? – As the economy turns around, do you have a  list of potential employees?

Monday — Indiana’s Top LogosTaylor shares his favorite logos for companies based in Indiana.

Tuesday — How to Succeed in Social Media without Really TryingWRONG, to succeed in Social Media you cannot sit back and relax.

Wednesday — Boring BrochuresThe challenge of finding ways to present technical information in a format that is engaging and easy to read.

Thursday — Small Business Marketing: Tips, Ideas and StrategiesTaking a closer look at using blogs to improve search engine positioning.